Looking for food near you that’s open now for delivery or pickup? Check out the map to find Vietnamese, middle eastern,fast food ,sushi,mexican food,Chinese food, taco bell and any food you want with detailed information.

Food Near Me: Locate the Best Places to Eat Nearby

It’s easy to find the best food near me using the interactive map below with simple clicks!Whether you are looking for Vietnamese food, mid-eastern food, Chinese food, or any other kind of food near you, you can quickly locate the best food recommendations around your location on the map. It provides everything you want to know, including the address, real-time distance, opening and closing hours, phone numbers, reviews, and ratings.Check out the food near you that’s open now with delivery to order your favourite cuisine and get it at your doorstep—looking for food near you with take-out? Here, you can also search for the food near you with a drive-through, which is convenient for pickup.Let’s start exploring food near your location or in your city and discovering the best food that’s close to your current location with this site.

Food Near Me Now

The map below shows all the food available near your location using the most reliable Google Map technology. Learn how to use the map to serve you better with simple instructions in the next part.

Places to Eat Near Me Overlook

How to Use the Map

It is easy to navigate the map on both desktop and mobile phones. By default, Google map offers you a quick overview of the food nearby your location.l You can zoom in to find the food that’s nearest to you and zoom out for an overview.l Click on a food location to find detailed information, including addresses, opening hours, phone numbers, restaurant reviews, and photos from previous customers.

How the Map Works

The Google map reveals the food near you according to your current location. The food near me results in the map are based primarily on relevance, distance, prominence, and interests. These factors combined help find the food near you that best fits your needs.Important notes:l If you are viewing the map on your phone, remember to turn on your mobile GPS to make sure the Google map can work properly.l If you are using a laptop, please avoid using proxies or VPNs so that the map can show locations near you correctly.

Top Food Recommendations/Popular Food Near You

Have no idea which food to order and which restaurant is the best for your next try? Here is a list of the top 10 popular food in the USA recommended by thousands of TripAdvisor users. Check it out to see if there is anyone on the list you can find in your city:

  • Alinea, Chicago
  • Eleven Madison Park, New York City
  • Restaurant Gary Danko, San Francisco
  • Halls Chophouse, Charleston, South Carolina
  • Victoria & Albert’s, Orlando, Florida
  • Uchi, Austin, Texas
  • Bouley, New York City
  • Canlis Restaurant, Seattle
  • Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, Dallas
  • Daniel, New York City

Some famous food options people enjoy the most according to food near me searches:

    • Vietnamese food
    • Middle eastern food
    • Mexican food
    • Chinese food
    • Italian food
    • Sushi
    • Taco bell
    • Seafood
    • Burger king
    • Bbq
    • Waffle house
    • Indian food

How to Choose the Best Food Near Me

Choosing the best food near you can be difficult, especially if you live in a neighbourhood with many good food choices and convenient services. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision about the food near your location.l Check out the restaurant menu beforehand if possible. Some menus are available on the map provided by the restaurants, and some are shared under customer reviews.l Pay special attention to the quality of service when reading those genuine reviews.l Consider the atmosphere if you are planning to eat out. Checking out the pictures on the study is an excellent way to distinguish whether the restaurant can fit your requirements.l Read all the information provided by the map, including the opening hour and whether it needs reservation for dining in. You can call them directly with the phone number provided.

Important Notes

If you are still unable to find the desired food delivery near me with this map, try to search using the search box on this page instead with specific search terms, including the particular types of food you are looking for, the name of the restaurant, the street, or contact us directly to update the information for you.Let us know your thoughts about the service and searching experience in the comment.


Searching for food near you? Looking for recommendations on the best restuarants near me or food delivery near you?

Get exhaustive information on the best places to eat near you with this interactive map!

Just simple clicks will lead you to the best restaurants nearest to your current location. Check food near you open now with fast delivery, takeout, or dine-in options in seconds and make the decision easy.

This map shows food close to you now, including Chinese food near me, fast food near me, Mexican food, Thai food, Indian food, Italian food, Japanese food (especially Sushi near me) or any kind you crave.

It reveals the food places open now with directions to get there, customer reviews, menus and prices available on the official websites provided.

Wherever you are, with the map, you can discover great restaurants near you to buy fast takeout or have food delivered to your door directly.

Whether you are hungry at night and decide to get some 24 hour food near your location right now, or just browsing around to plan your next amazing meal with no rush, this map will be a handy tool for you.

Still haven’t found the food near you that satisfies your craving? Check out our top recommendations based on places and cuisines.

Best Restaurants Near Me (Worldwide)

Can’t decide the places to eat near you? There are hundreds and thousands of good restaurants in every country and region. However, it’s really hard to recommend a specific restaurant near you that satisfies the appetite of everyone.

Here we list the top 10 restaurants around the world to offer some inspiration for your next search on “food near me”:

Name Location Menue
Noma Copenhagen, Denmark Check it out
Geranium Copenhagen, Denmark Check it out
Asador Etxebarri Axpe, Spain Check it out
Central Lima, Peru Check it out
Disfrutar Barcelona, Spain Check it out
Frantzén Stockholm, Sweden Check it out
Maido Lima, Peru Check it out
Odette Singapore Check it out
Pujol Mexico City, Mexico Check it out
The Chairman Hong Kong Check it out

What are the recommended restuarants near me specifically?

If you are looking for some quick ideas and don’t expect the “food near me” searches to surprise you, like the above award-winning restaurants, the fast food near you can be a good option.

They tend to have large chain stores everywhere, making it easy for you to find the fast food near your location.

And is it’s cheap, making it a convenient choice for those who want some good, quick, and cheap food nearby.

Here is a list of top chain restaurants (fast food restaurants included) for your reference:

  1. McDonald’s
  2. Subway
  3. Kentucky Fried Chicken
  4. Starbucks
  5. Burger King
  6. Pizza Hut
  7. Domino’s
  8. Dunkin’ Donuts
  9. Taco Bell
  10. Wendy’s

The list of good places to eat nearby or best restaurants around your area can go on and on. Here, we just selected some most positively reviewed and recommended restaurants for your information. You can explore more foods and restaurants near you with our more specific guides:

If you are looking specifically for some type of food, such as "Chinese food near me", "Sushi near me", "Indian restuarant near me", or "Mexican food near me", you can use the search function integrated on the map to get accurate results.

Best Food Near Me 

Have a preferred taste while looking for the food near you? Find popular types of food near you with the quick links below:

You may also let us know your prefered places to eat nearby in the comment so we can update the list of “food near me” tailored to your needs.

Check out the 15 best food around the world (maybe it also appears in your neighborhood!) recommended by Creative Travel Guide.

Also, don’t miss out the comments from foodies around the world to discover more flavors such as the BBQ near you and desserts close to your location:

More Ideas to Find Places to Eat Near Me

It’s not easy to find good food near you now. This page will provide some useful tips to help you find the best restaurants in your area and plan your next meal wisely.

#1. Talking with local people

One of the best ways to find the best places to eat near you is to spend time talking with people who actually live and eat there, especially if you are looking for local restaurants in smaller towns and out-of-the-way places.

This tip is pretty useful if you are visiting a new place and want to find good food near you quickly. Don’t just pick up brochures at the store or tourist bureau for the nearby recommended top restaurants.

Instead, ask people who reside there for their favorite food near your location, and also take advantage of the chances to ask in the hotel, gas station, and local shops about where to eat when traveling around.

#2. Strolling down the street

Although a bit risk-taking, strolling down the street is the most straightforward way to find the best food near you.

You might be surprised to find that there are so many different kinds of food near you after going out and taking a look around the area.

The nearby open restaurant is more than obvious if you are on the street. You can also see from the customers before deciding on the most popular restaurant to eat nearby or try some new restaurants that attract your attention.

You will notice more restuarants than you thought on the street such as the Chinese food, Japanese Sushi, Mexican food, BBQ, desserts, dunkin donut, taco bell, etc.

If you want to avoid the trouble or just looking for food delivery near you, continue reading for more tips that cater to your specific needs.

#3. Doing your research

There are a lot of online resources that serve the increasing needs for finding the “best food near me”.

For example, the restaurant review websites that provide you with both professional and amateur restaurant reviews on all kinds of foods near you and the dining section on the city’s website or local newspapers that introduce the local restaurants and places to eat nearby.

It’s also a good idea to check the local food forums to see what food near you is trending now.

Search your location (city or street) plus terms like “food” “dining” “restaurant”, you will get a list of recommendations about the best food near you. Alternatively, you can type “food near me”, or more specifically, “food that delivers near me” in Google to find the results according to your needs.

#4. Take advantage of the technology

Finding a good restaurant near me is sometimes more than knowing how to use Google, although it is the quickest and most intuitive way to get the most critical information as revealed above.

Food mobile apps can also help you effectively locate the best restaurants near you with useful filtering, including specific cuisines, price ranges, food categories, and specific characteristics like the neighborhood.

Here are the top five great apps available for download to help you decide places to eat near you. Each of them features a lot of addons to explore with different target audiences and unique features.

  • LocalEats (featuring only local restaurants)
  • Seekeasy (matching users with local guides)
  • VegOut (recommended for vegetarian and vegan foodies)
  • Eat St. (recommended for food truck community)
  • ChefsFeed (recommended for chef dish lovers)

Social media can also be an inspiration when looking for good food near you. For example, Facebook groups can expose you to genuine reviews and allow you to ask questions concerning the best restaurants near you.

FAQs About Restaurants Near Me:

Whether you are looking for Chinese food near me, fast food nearby, Indian food around you, Mexican food near your arear, or any places to eat near your location, you can check out the FAQs to see if you share the same confusion.

#1. How does the map work?

The map displays food near you with real-time information according to your current location. It uses the most reliable Google map technology to recommend the best food nearby according to the relevance, distance, prominence, as well as your personal interests (whether it's BBQ or dessert like dunkin donut).

#2. What food places to eat near me are open 

The map makes it easy to check whether the food places are open now. Just click on the restaurant nearby on the map, and click on “view larger map.” After that, you will be led to a new page that displays all information about the restaurant, including the open/close status with its opening hours.

You can also search “food open” on the search bar to have the map reveal only the food places to eat near you open now.

The fast food nearby is highly possible to be open 24/7 if you want a quick decision. You may check the popular fast food near you list above to search for the desired food near your area.

#3. Who delivers food near me?

If you are wondering about the food delivery options near you (whether it’s Chinese food, Mexican food, or any other kinds of food), you can simply search “food delivery” on the map and it will reveal a list of restaurants that can have food delivered directly to your door.

Another option is to order food nearby from some food delivery platforms (for example, UberEats, Foodpanda, etc.), so you can check the availability of the food that delivers near you easily.

#4. Where is the food bank near me for food donations?

Searching “food bank” in the expanded Google map or simply Google “food back near me”, you will see a lot of options (and the nearest one) for you to donate your food with directions.

#5. Where can I find a food store?

Following suit, the food store nearby is also accessible by typing related search terms (for example, food store nearby or near me) on Google or using the search bar on the map directly.


This website is not associated with any food restaurant near you or stores around your area, and we can not guarantee that you will find the target food near you (or any food if it doesn’t exist nearby physically). We can only provide you with useful and updated information on the food close to you now, including an overview of the nearby restaurants with ordering information and directions for your next step.


If you need any help finding any kind of food or restaurant near your location, feel free to contact us.